CVC Word Building with Pictures

My students have been working hard to isolate the beginning and ending sounds in words.  Although they are not quite yet in the stage of blending all of the sounds together to read the words, I created the following activity to help reinforce the beginning and ending sounds.  They will select a picture, use letter tiles to build the word, and then write the word.

To be a little festive, I gave it a little Valentine's Day spin by going to the good old Dollar Tree where I bought the little heart boxes below and then numbered them 1-8.  
I then placed one of the CVC picture cards in each box.
I will give the students the letter tiles, word building boxes, and a worksheet.
The students will select a box, use the letter tiles to build the word in thew Elkonin-like word building boxes, and then write the word in the corresponding numbered heart on the worksheet.
Once the words are written, together we will practice stretching out the sounds with our hands to read the words.

Because we are focusing mostly on  identifying building and identifying words by confirming the beginning and ending sounds, I have separated the vowels "a" and "i" into two separate activities.  If your students are ready, you could easily combine the materials for the two vowels.

Also, although I am doing this for Valentine's Day, this activity could be done at any point with any type of plastic box, small basket, bucket, etc...  I also included a worksheet that has a rectangular border around the three boxes for the students to write in (instead of the heart border).

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These activities address the following Common Core Learning Standards:
~  RF.K.1d:  Recognize and name all upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet.
~  RF.K.2d:  Isolate and pronounce the initial, medial vowel, and final sounds (phonemes) in three phoneme (CVC) words. 
~  RF.K.3a:  Demonstrate basic knowledge of one-to-one letter-sound correspondences by producing the primary or many of the most frequent sound for each consonant.
~  L.K.2b:  Write a letter or letters for most consonant and short-vowel sounds (phonemes).