Spring Phoneme Segmentation

Happy Spring!!

To celebrate Spring, I put together a some Elkonin boxes with cute little flowers to practice phoneme segmentation.  
My students will use a seed or a jellybean and slide it up the stem to the flower for each sound that is heard in the word dictated or pictured in a picture card.  (There are two different versions included in the download:  one for words up to 3 sounds and the other for words up to 4 sounds.)  They will then connect the sounds they hear to the letters and write the word on the corresponding worksheet.  Click on the picture above to learn more!

It surely doesn't feel like March here in Upstate New York, we have been having the most glorious weather here!  Temps are forecasted to be in the 80's on Thursday!  Very exciting.  This has kept me outside with my little one almost every single afternoon, which is taking me away from my little blog.  I have many things floating in my head to sit down and create, and am hoping to do so soon!  The kiddos at school are just as excited as I am, and boy do they have Spring Fever!  It feels like it is the end of June.  Hopefully we can all pull ourselves together since it is only March!   LOL!