Stress, Bluebird FREEBIE, Question, Reminder

So how many of you have already or will soon be wrapping up your school year?  I still have another month full month left.  I still have SO much that I want to do with my little ones, and am feeling that stress.  Do you ever feel that way toward the end of the year?  Then things both at home and at school have been so busy!  So I am hoping to have a nice, quiet weekend.  We will see though...

I finally realized that I have had my Bunny Alphabet Board (which is included in my Bunnies and Chicks Early Literacy Pack) hanging up for my Kinderkids for entirely too long now.  So I sat down and created a new Bluebird Alphabet Board and am sharing this FREEBIE with you.  
Just click on the picture below!

Speaking of birds, a I heard from a little birdie that our school district will be adopting AIMSweb next year.  Do any of you use it?  What are your thoughts?  Love it?  Hate it?  Please share!!  I would love to hear from you about this!!