Words to Live By Right Now-FREEBIE

Hi all!
How is everyone doing?  Things have been a bit stressful in my neck of the woods.  Between SLO assessments, DRA2s, and benchmarking for AIMSweb, I have been doing lots and lots and lots of assessing.  

Without getting into too much detail beyond that, I wanted to share a little quote I came across while on Pinterest.  I fell in love with it because it fits things perfectly right now!
I decided to type it up with some fun fonts that are available for FREE!

One of the fonts was made by my very dear friend Leslie from
called "Leslies Hand".  This is the green and purple text and is my favorite font right now!  Thanks Leslie!

The other font was made by Amanda from
called "Pea Tracy".  This is the pink and turquoise text.
Aren't they great?  I would love to create my own font sometime!

How does this quote fit with your life right now? 
Am I the only one feeling extra stress these days?