High-Frequency Magnetic Words and Magnetic Kidboards

I am so excited to share my thoughts with you about two of great products:  High-Frequency Magnetic Words and Magnetic Kidboards 
There are a total of 205 learning magnets that included nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, word endings, punctuation marks, etc...  The best thing is that they are color-coded!!  My daughter couldn't wait to open the packages to try them out.  So we opened them up, I sorted the magnets by color and placed the Kidboards right on the tabletop.  It was the perfect size! 

What a wonderful, hands-on and engaging way to provide instruction on sight word identification, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, complete sentences, rhyming, fluency, etc...  I explained what each color meant and my little one jumped right in, building sentences.

Here are some great teachable moments that happened in just a few moments with the learning magnets:
Concept of Word:  I reminded her, "What comes in between each word?"
Capitalization:  Sometimes the word she used at the beginning of her sentence did not start with a capital letter, I would ask her, "What happens to the first letter of the sentence?" or  Which letter should be capitalized? Why?"
Punctuation:  "What comes at the end of the sentence?"
Sight Word Identification and Fluency:  I made sentences for her to read aloud to me.
Grammar:  As she built her sentence, there were times she would say, "Do we have the word ___?"  I could answer by saying, "Yes, that is a verb.  Go ahead and try to find it in the red pile."

I can't wait to use them with my students!!
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