Student Readers

About my Emergent Student Readers:
Each reader comes with a set of sight word flash cards and picture cards to go along with each.
Also included is a Home Reader.  These are created for children to take home.  There are boxes on the bottom of each Home Reader for the parents to write the date or their initials each time they hear their child read.  I even have the students bring it back to me when all of the boxes are filled in for a special treat!

I introduce each Emergent Student Reader by writing the sentences on sentence strips and then place them into a pocket chart, displayed with the picture cards.
We review the sight word flash cards and then read it as a group.  I then have each student come up and use a fun pointer to practice concept of word as they point to each word and read the story.

Below you will see one of my kinderkids reading, "The Footprint" which is from my Emergent Student Readers-Set 1:
Because I see different groups who are different reading levels, I do not always have time to switch out the sentence strips to a different reader.  So instead of using the big sentence strips, I cut out the sentences of the reader itself and place them in a small pocket chart, as shown below:
After each child has had a chance to read the Student Reader, a copy is then placed in each students' personal Student Reader folder (these are the folders that have the brads inside), along with the flash cards the student may need some extra practice with.

My students really love them and their parents do too!  Their folders become a nice activity when we have an extra minute or two, if they finish their work early, or if I need to work individually with a student for a short amount of time.

Student Reader Packs:
Set 1: 7 different readers

Set 2: 6 different readers

Individual Student Readers: