The Alphabet

Hi everyone! I apologize for not posting in a bit.  L

Things have been quite hectic in my household...from our home renovations to the recent loss of a dear loved one in my seems as though I am still waiting for the relaxation of summer vacation to begin!

I have been meaning to share something I created about a month ago, but just haven't had time to share it.
I created an alphabet board and letter cards using clip art from the Graphics Factory.  Along with the letters, I provide some simple suggestions for their use, but they could be used in so many different ways.  

I created both a black and white version as well as a colored version.  The black and white version will not only save on ink when printing, but will allow the child to color in the letters.  This provides them with some ownership of what they are learning.

You can download this 29 page file at either one of my stores!
(Just click on one of the buttons on the top left corner of this page.)