Check these out...

Now it is my turn to share with you my top ten blogs!

Michelle shares many wonderful ideas

This blog is co-authored by two amazing moms.  Amber and Madonna create and share amazing materials and ideas!!

Dana shares activities that range from Pre-K to 5th grade that go across the curriculum!!

Deedee creates AMAZING materials!  I have purchased so much from her and my students love everything!  

Laura, a retired Pre-K teacher and mom, shares her own ideas along with ideas found from other blogs.  I look forward to each and every post!

Amanda is so creative and creates wonderful units!  

This was one of my go-to blogs before I created my own blog.  So many fabulous ideas!

Mrs. Larremore is a great resource!  She shares her own ideas, along with recognizing other wonderful posts from other blogs.

Although she hasn't posted in a bit, she has shared some wonderful materials that I enjoy working with!

This wonderful blog is co-authored by two 1st grade teachers who share both ideas and materials.

I can't wait to see what this year has to hold for these amazing blogs!  
Thank you for all of your inspiration!