Best BEE-havior FREEBIE

My overall behavior plan was just not working for everyone this year.  I pull groups of 2-5 students into my space for 20-30 minutes.  These are students who need to engage in as much reinforcement, reteaching, and practice as they can. I feel like I have so much to do with them, with so little time to do it, that we just cannot afford to have behaviors interfere!

I have the rules clearly posted and set clear expectations.  My general reinforcement system is when the child receives two warnings or less, they are able to receive a sticker when our session is over.  When they receive a third warning, they simply do not earn their sticker.  I love stickers and so do the kids!  The majority of my little ones really want to earn a sticker, so this is really motivating to them. 

If they receive additional warnings after they have lost their sticker, I then inform them that their card will be changed in their classroom.  I hate spilling over the behaviors from the small group to the classroom, but children generally do not want to move their cards in their classrooms and are motivated to do better so they do not receive additional warnings.  But that isn't the case with a couple of my cherubs this year and it has happened a few times, which I just don't like.

So, I began implementing behavior punch cards with those individual students and created some new ones to share with you!  They are perfect for Valentine's Day as you punch out the 10 hearts to reinforce the good behavior!  
I still have the same general reinforcement system, and the students using the punch cards receive a punch if they do not receive more than 2 warnings.

I also wanted to share two posts that I found really helpful and have also shared some FREEBIES you may find useful!

Christie at First Grade Fever has shared cute punch cards that my students enjoyed.  I have used both the boy and girl card where they receive up to 10 punches.  Once the children have received all of their punches, they are then able to choose a reward from a catalog in her classroom. Click on her button to the left to see her post and to access her FREEBIE.  

Rachelle over What the Teacher Wants also has a wonderful post about the behavior punch cards she uses in her classroom. Click on her button to the right to check it out. She also includes adorable girl and boy punch cards that can be punched up to 20 times.

What are your tricks to encourage good behavior in your classroom settings?