Upstate Get Together

We had a lot of fun at our little gathering yesterday!
Only four of us made it, but boy did we have fun eating some yummy food and gabbing and gabbing and gabbing, and gabbing some more!  We all have about 2 weeks of school still left and enjoyed the break from the end-of-year stresses!

Laura is so amazingly sweet!  She made us each little goodie bags with many little fun things to put right in my desk, which I have packed in my school bag all set for tomorrow!

Beth Ann drove about 2.5 hours to meet with us!  She brought these fun little glasses for each of us to enjoy and celebrate summer with!  Mine is in the freezer as we speak Beth Ann, can't wait to use it!! 

Tara is so easy to talk to.  It amazes me that the two of us actually worked in the same school for one year, but because we didn't work together and schedules were so tight we really didn't even know each other.  Luckily we were able to connect through blogland!

It was so nice to meet everyone, speak the same language and chat about the blogging world, and as Beth Ann said, "put a face with a button"!!  
Thanks ladies for the great conversation and goodies!!
Can't wait to do it all again!