Hurricane Sandy-Teachers Help Teachers

Hurricane Sandy was nasty.  
She came and left a path of destruction in the Northeast that it has never seen before.  Some of my loved ones are still without power and/or are displaced from their homes.  It has been almost two long, and cold weeks.  Others lost every little thing they own.

Laurah over at The ESOL Odyssey is organizing a movement to help other teachers affected by Sandy, called:
She is reaching out to those who have create materials to share or own a store on TPT or TN, and would like to donate some products to help other teachers in need.  

Click on the picture above and then follow the directions on Laurah's page.  It is so easy and every little bit helps.  She will be working hard to gather the products and distribute them to schools and teachers in need.  Teachers of all grade levels are encouraged to participate.

Will you help out too?
Thank you Laurah for doing this!