I definitely had to post something about my first born, thanks to Ladybug Teacher Files’ Linky Party.  This is Saydie, an energetic german shorthaired pointer.  Many people mistake her at first glance for a black Lab because german shorthairs are not usually solid black.  But the difference is evident when she is next to a lab, with her deep, deep chest and docked tail.
Although she still acts like a pup, she turned 6 in November.  Here is a picture from her party!
Because she is a high energy dog, we were worried about her being a little too rambunctious when my daughter was first born.  It still amazes me how Saydie seemed to just know that she needed to be gentle around P.  As you can see, they are very close.  You know that something is up when the house is very quiet and they are in another room together, because in addition to being best friends they are also partners in crime!

 ~ Mrs. Mc