CHEEZ-IT Spelling

Who likes CHEEZ-IT crackers?  Our family definitely does!  Have you seen the Scrabble CHEEZ-IT crackers?  Love them!  They are a teacher’s and parent’s dream!  I have been working on a couple of projects to do with them.
First, to help P practice connecting her letters and sounds, I thought I would combine Elkonin Boxes with the crackers.  She isn’t ready to segment words into individual sounds on her own yet, so I segmented and named the sounds for P and she picked out the corresponding letters (out of a small pile that I had gone through and preselected for her). 

Building the words made her awfully hungry of course, so she ate them as a snack afterward.  As she ate them, she named each letter and said each sound.

Then to help some of my K students identify and write their sight words, I thought I would do the following activity.  They will need to read the words on the sheet, build the words by finding the corresponding letters (matching the lower case to the upper case), and then write the words.
I haven’t tried it in the classroom yet.  I didn’t know if the actual boxes of CHEEZ-IT crackers would provide enough letters for them each to build their words.  (If it works and there is interest, I just may make more of these sheets with other words.  Please let me know if you have tried this or anything like it and how it has worked out for you!)
~ Mrs. Mc