Testing Encouragement-Lucky Pencils

So what do you get when you mix peppermint Mentos, a Hershey Kiss, aluminum foil, a black Sharpie, ribbon, and some paper?  A LUCKY PENCIL of course! 
My 3rd and 4th graders will be taking their NYS ELA assessments for three days beginning on Tuesday.  I wanted to do something fun to show them how much I believe in them.  I attached a star with a little encouraging poem I wrote saying,
"You are ready, feel strong! 
Work carefully & you won't go wrong! 
Use your noggin, do not stress! 
Just do your best on the test!"

I just happened to be going through some of the sites I have bookmarked as favorites here on my laptop yesterday and came across these Valentine Pencils.  I thought they were so cute when I saw them in February, but did not have time to do them as Valentines for my students, so I just bookmarked them until a later date...and I am so glad I found them yesterday! 

I followed her directions and wrote, "LUCKY" on the pencil and created the star tag.  On Monday, I plan on going through an interactive Powerpoint I made for them and giving them their "lucky" pencils!

Click below to download a copy of the star tag I created.
I would love to hear other fun ways you have provided encouragement to your students during stressful times?!