New Updates-I See Student Readers!

Are you familiar with my Emergent Student Readers?  
I use them throughout the year to help develop my students into readers.

Each year I start my students off with the following reader:
This reader practices the sight words:  I, see, the, a.
I use it to reinforce:
~  concept of word, sentence, and space
~  1:1 correspondence when reading
~  use of picture clues when reading
~  rhyming
~ onset-rime blending

This year I added another reader that is very similar, yet different:
This reader reinforces the sight words:  I, see, my, a,
along with the same concepts written above.

How do I use these?
I begin my instruction by writing out each sentence on a sentence strip.  I attach the corresponding picture and display them in my pocket chart.  We review the sight words in the reader and discuss the use of picture clues if we become puzzled on a word.  Then we name the pictures shown.

I model how we read by pointing to one word at a time and we read through each sentence together.  I then have each student come up and read with a fun pointer.  Once each student has read, I give them each a copy to begin their Student Reader folder.  

As additional Student Readers are introduced, I will add them to the folder.  Each week the kiddos go through and read through their folders independently to practice fluency.

I will also have them take their Home Reader home with them to read to someone special.

I have combined the two readers into one download:
If you had already purchased the first "I See" Emergent Student Reader, please go back to download the file again so that you can receive the second "I See" Emergent Student Reader!!

Click on the picture below to see all of the Student Readers I have created: