Personalized Hand Sanitizer

What teacher doesn't keep a bottle of hand sanitizer handy?

To send along Christmas wishes, we made personalized hand sanitizer bottles for my daughter's teachers at school.
They are very easy to make!

Here is what we did:
First we bought the clear bottles of hand sanitizer and removed the labels.  (Goo Gone works great to remove those stubborn labels that just don't want to come off easily!)

Then my daughter did her magic and drew pictures for each teacher with a black sharpie.

Then I scanned the pictures into my computer and resized the drawings to a size that fit just inside the front of the bottle.  (You can skip this step entirely if you have your child draw a picture that size to begin with.)

Here is the important step:  Print/copy the picture onto an overhead with a laserjet printer/copier.  Do NOT use an inkjet, the printing will fall right off of the overhead and into the sanitizer/soap.  (We learned this the hard way last year!!)

Once it is printed, cut it to size and roll it up (with the writing facing forward).

Slide it into the opening of the bottle and use end of the soap dispenser to push it forward and move it into place.

Add a bow and you have a great personalized little gift! 

We had fun making these as gifts for family members last year using clear hand soap!