Beginning and Ending Sounds Update

I am excited to share that I have updated my
Beginning and Ending Sounds-Isolation 
pack today!
I made it twice as long!!
I made this pack to provide activities for my students to isolate the initial and final sounds (letters) in words.

This pack includes:
~  32 picture cards.  On each picture card, either the beginning or ending letter is missing.  I use these cards in a small group setting and ask the students to say the word, supply the missing sound, and then name the letter that makes the sound.
~  6 worksheets for independent practice.  Students look at the pictures and write the missing initial, final, and both initial and final letters (there are two worksheets for each skill).
~  3 worksheets for additional practice writing the initial, final, and both initial and final letters of a word.  There are no pictures on these worksheets, instead they allow you to dictate words for the students to write the targeted missing sounds.

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Thank you!