Plastic Book Boxes-GIVEAWAY!!

Want some help organizing your classroom?  I have a great product to share with you that will help do just that AND make it look great!
Steps to Literacy has asked me to review their wonderful plastic book boxes!   

I just love them!

I use them to organize my collection of picture books used for read alouds.  Instead of being lined up on the shelf, as you see here (to the left).

They are now in these great looking plastic book boxes, grouped by topic!  I just created and printed out some labels that match my room and stuck them right on the front of the plastic book boxes.  The bins are nice and sturdy and each one can hold many books!

In addition to storing books and making your classroom look great, these plastic book boxes can also be used to store other things as well!!
So guess what?!  Steps to Literacy has not one, but 
two sets  for me to giveaway!!  
Each set is comprised of 8 plastic book boxesan orange, lime green, purple, bright blue, red, yellow, green, and blue box!  
2 winners will be randomly selected!!  If you want to win a set of your own, enter below:
Thank you Steps to Literacy for contacting me to review these plastic book boxes and to share them with my readers!