Lessons I learned...

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

We suffered a minor little catastrophe in my house.  Saturday night, I accidently spilled an entire glass of water all over the keyboard of my laptop.  Not cool.  The next morning I couldn't get it to turn at first.  Once I did, my keystrokes were so wacky.  Sometimes capital letters would come out, other times lower case.  Then throughout the day I couldn't get it to turn on and stay on.  I have so many files on that little guy!  Files AND pictures!  Did I panic?  
Not only was I worried about losing my files and pictures, but I do soooo much on my little laptop.  It scared me to think that I would be off this week without my laptop!

Luckily I had backed up a lot of my files on Dropbox.  Do you use Dropbox?  I used to be the kind of gal who backed my files up onto flashdrives, but then would be so worried that I would lose the the flashdrive itself.  Then I used Google Docs for awhile, which I still do.  But I find that Dropbox is easier to organize.  You can access your documents from any computer with internet service and can download something right to your desktop.

Yesterday I ran out and bought myself a new laptop.  Between Dropbox and sharing between homegroups in Windows 7, I was able to save everything!  YAY!!

My lessons learned:
~  Back EVERYTHING up! (Do you?  If so, how?)
~  When I am eating or drinking, my laptop will be nowhere near me!

Finally, just wanted to share a pic I made through Instagram.  
My little lady makes everything in my world all better!
 Have a wonderful day!  
Hopefully today will be much less stressful in our house!!