Barrel of Monkeys-Alphabet

Back in March I posted about the Barrel of Monkeys sight word activity as shown below. 
I also mentioned that I made a smaller barrel for my daughter to practice identifying her letters and sounds 
(the little red barrel pictured on the left).  

Today I would like to share with you the monkeys I created using graphics from Scrappin Doodles to put into her little barrel.

I do need to apologize though, because when I save the document as a PDF file the lower case "u" does not behave itself.  It looks okay in MS Word and I am not sure what the problem is when the file converts. Please accept my apologies ahead of time if it does not print correctly, (I am hoping you can just use a black marker to fix it).  The other letters should be okay.  
Any suggestions on how to remedy this?

Thank you for your help and for following my little blog!

P.S.  My summer vacation officially begins in 2 days!!