Short Books-Sight Word Instruction

How many of you have emergent readers who once they realize there is a predictable pattern in a book, they stop paying attention to the words and only focus on the pictures?

Well, I wanted to share a fantastic resource that I have been using for the past few years to support sight word instruction.  They are called Short Books.  

And they are just that, short little books aimed to help increase automaticity in reading the most frequent words of English.

What I love is that these books do not repeatedly use phrases such as, "I can..." on each page. Instead, the language structure is varied so that the reader has to pay close attention to the letters and words in order to read the text.  For example, the following variations are used within "can":  "Can I go..."  "I can see..."  "Can I see..."

The series of books are numbered and as a new word is introduced it is incorporated with the words previously introduced, so they build upon one another.  I also love the last page of the book.  It has several of the introduced sight words jumbled up on the page for the reader to identify in isolation.

Can you tell they were created by a teacher?!