What a crazy start!

This has been quite a crazy way to start a school year.  

The students were sent home at 10:30 am on their first day of school yesterday and today the district is closed!  This is due to the excessive rain, flooding, and multiple road closures throughout our district.  

We have had some crazy weather for this area over the past few months.  From small earthquakes to tornadoes touching down just a few miles away, both to the east and west of us.  Of course Hurricane Irene visited us, who brought the initial set of heavy wind, excessive rains, and flooding.  And now the rain just does not want to let up or give us a break!

I really hope it isn't an indication of what our winter will be, or a bad omen for what will happen this school year!

Prayers go out to my colleagues and families of the district, some who have water in their homes once again, others have lost everything.  Prayers also go out to the members of our local communities who have been hit even harder!  

Stay safe everyone!