Upper Case Sound Identification Progress Monitoring

I was recently assigned to provide a Tier III intervention and needed something to track the letter sound identification of the student, so I created this little, easy to use tool to monitor progress. 

It includes 2 data sheets for the teacher to mark and monitor progress, along with 12 stimulus sheets for the students to view.  Each stimulus sheet lists the 26 letters of the alphabet in a different, random order. As the student  goes through and produces the sounds, I will make a slash through incorrect responses on the Data Sheet.  (These include the most common consonant sounds and short vowel sounds)  When complete, I will total up the number of correct responses and then graph it right on the Data Sheet. 

The data sheet allows you to have all of your data from 12 different assessment periods on one sheet (when printed front-to-back)!

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What are some ways you monitor progress for either Tier II or Tier III interventions?