Emergent Student Readers

I just posted some of the emergent student readers that I have been using with my kindergarten students!  
I bundled together 5 different readers, with sight word flash cards and picture cards to go along with each reader.

The first two readers have sentences repeated in a predictable pattern, but starting with the third reader the sentence structure begins to change forcing the students to attend to the text on the page.  Even though the structure has changed, the students are practicing the same sight words.

I randomly listed the sight words reinforced in the reader on the bottom of the page.  After the students complete the reading of the story, they then go down and read the words in isolation.

Here is how I use them:

I begin by introducing a reader by writing the sentences on sentence strips and I then place them in a pocket chart, displayed with the picture cards at the end of each sentence.  The students then take turns and use fun pointers to practice concept of word as they point to each word.  They also practice the early reading strategies of checking the pictures for clues and thinking about the sounds in the words (at this point using their beginning letter sound knowledge) as they read the story.

After practicing it as a group, I place a printed version into their own student reader folder.  I also place copies of the sight word flash cards that go along with the newest reader.  Their folder includes readers that we have previously read and they practice rereading each reader each time they have their folder.  (I use the folders that have the little brads on the inside.  You could also use binders but they end up being too bulky to store for each student in my small space).  

About each reader:
The first student reader is called, The Colors of Fall.  The students practice the sight words, I & see, in addition to color words.  (I included both a colored and a black and white version in case you wanted your students to color their own copy.)

The second reader is called, I See A.  This reader practices the pattern, "I see a ___ and a ___."  

The third reader is called, I Can Go.  This reader practices the words I, can, go, see, my, the, & you.   This is when the students are introduced to a change in sentence structure, changing one sentence to include "the" instead of "my" and then the final sentence is a question.

The fourth reader is called, My Dog.  This reader practices the words I, see, my, is, in, the, can, you. 

The final reader in this set is called, The Footprint.  This reader practices I, can, see, a, is, it, my, & no.

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As always, I would love ANY feedback you have about these!!
Thank you and stay warm (it was too cold to leave the house today, so we stayed in our pajamas)!!