FREE Product of Choice? CLOSED

Want one of my products currently listed in my Teachers Notebook or Teachers Pay Teachers shop for FREE?    
Well, it isn't entirely free, you will have to work for it..a little tiny bit.  
(But I hope you will have some fun while you do so!)

The first FOUR people to respond to this post with the CORRECT answers about the following two photographs will be able to receive a FREE product of their choice!  

1.  What is my daughter doing?  
(Is this a trick question...or not?)

2.  Why is Olivia soaking her feet?  
(The answer is as per my daughter's explanation.)

Please make sure you are a follower of my blog, and in your comment you answer both questions correctly and leave me your email address!

Also, don't be discouraged if more than four people have posted their responses, you don't know if they have responded with the correct answers!!

Thank you and HAVE FUN!!
(I can't wait to read your comments!!!!!!!)