Help me? and Handwriting

Wow things are crazy, busy right now for me!  How about you?  I know many of you have already wrapped up your school years and are currently enjoying your summer!  Please relax a little for me too!

Right now I am in the midst of finishing up assessments with my students as we enter the last few weeks of school.  I am feeling very overwhelmed with everything that is coming down the road.  

Maybe some of you can help me?

New York State has a new APPR process that will begin for me starting next year.  I will be learning how to write Student Learning Objectives (SLOs), which will be a part of my APPR.  Do any of you out there have experience with the process? Any advice?

I will also be trained to use AIMSweb next week.  This is a brand new assessment system for me and I would also love to hear your thoughts on it.  Do you currently use it?  Love it?  Hate it?

Now for something completely unrelated, 
how many of you use Handwriting Without Tears?  
It is used in my district, however many of my students are still starting their letters from the bottom.  To help remind them where to start with their pencil, I placed stars at the starting place for each letter.  I just updated this little pack to use with my students.  It now includes a capital, lower case, and a mixed version for students to practice writing their letters in alphabetical order.  
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