Great finds!!

Look what I found for $2.50 (including tax)!!!

It is a 20 pocket organizer and I just LOVE how colorful it is!!

What will I use this for?  I am thinking picture cards.  I have such a variety of picture cards to help my students practice things like rhyming, syllables, beginning/middle/ending sounds, letters, sight words, etc...  I now just need to find a way to label these little pockets....any suggestions?  (I was thinking of making labels, laminating them and then stapling them to each pocket.)  

Now my next find is not related to school whatsoever.  
We have recently gone through home renovations and have refloored our entire first floor with vertical strand bamboo.   It is beautiful (actually, you can see it in the background of my little pocket organizer)!  Well, I finally found something to clean the floors that will NOT leave streaks behind!  And it was WAY cheaper than the $150 I spent on a steam mop (which I did return)!

This is what I bought for $40!

It is called the Bona Hardwood Mop.  So if you have hardwood floors, I would highly recommend this little mop!!

Please do not think this is a sales pitch.  I am not receiving anything in return from the manufacturer for posting this (although after reading this post, if they would like to offer me something for free, I certainly wouldn't turn them down = ).

Thank you!