Mr. Munch-FREEBIE!

I have had one of these empty containers in my laundry area for quite some time now.  I just couldn't put it in the recycling bin, knowing I could use it for something.

Well, take a look at what I did.

When you open the container, it has those great little ridges that I painted white to look like teeth.  I cut a styrofoam ball in half to make the eyeballs and then I gave him some arms and a tie and played with my Modge Podge and tissue paper and tried to make him look like he has scales (that didn't work too well, but oh well).

It made me think of Dr. Jean's Mr. Munch.  Recently Mrs. Williamson posted about her sound munchers along with an adorable and FREE download with the words to Dr. Jean's song.  

I went ahead and made some monster upper and lower case letters to go along with my Mr. Munch to practice letter and letter-sound identification.  Click on the picture below to download the letters for FREE!!
Thank you!

This is NOT the secret post =