Bunny Hop Freebie

I am so excited to be hopping along the bunny trail with TBA!
Thank you so much for joining us!

On this stop of the bunny trail, I am sharing a fun little game that can be used to help reinforce so many different skills as your students help the bunny hop along the bunny trail to reach his friend with the carrot!  I use it to help reinforce letters, sounds, and sight words.  But you can also use it to reinforce numbers, math facts, or any rote skill!  
To play, simply write whatever you would like the child to practice in the empty boxes on the bunny trail and also create matching flash cards.  Mix the cards up and have the child read through each until they get to the first word on the bunny trail.  Continue until you get to the finish and the bunny with the carrot has been reached.
I included two versions, one does not have a colored background in case you wanted to save some ink!

Are you having fun hopping on the bunny trail?  
We sure hope so!
Click on the egg below to continue hippety hopping along our bunny hop!

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