Developmentally Ready to Comprehend??

I need your help.  
I would love it if you could weigh in on something.
Have you heard about any new "brain research" regarding reading comprehension?

I haven't read the research myself.  I don't even know who published it.  Instead it has been discussed by few in our school, with suggestions that we may be expecting too much from our students when it comes to their reading comprehension.

It has been said that the research indicates that children are not developmentally ready to comprehend text until 3rd grade.   

What do you think about that statement?

This pretty much goes against all I have learned and the philosophy of the teaching within our school.  Then when you look at the Common Core Learning Standards, students in first grade are expected to master the ability to ask and answer questions about key details, retell stories and demonstrate an understanding of the central message/lesson.  Our kinderkids are expected to do some of these things with prompting and support.  My four year-old is already able to do some of these things.  Hmmmmm....

So I wondered if any of you have come across any of this research in your readings?  What do you think of it?

I think I know the answer to this, but your school doesn't begin comprehension instruction until 3rd grade, right?

I would really love to hear your thoughts!