Flower ABC/123, Buzzing Revision, Giveaway

I am almost embarrassed to say this, but I made this Flower ABC and 123 Pack a few months ago and completely forgot about it.  
(Is that bad or what?)
So I need to share it with you now 
before I forget about it again!!
This pack includes:
Flower Letters ABC Boards (upper and lower)
Flower Letters Color the ABC Path (upper and lower)
Flower Numbers Color the Path (1-25)
Write the Missing Flower Letters (upper and lower)
Write all of the Flower Letters 

I have had some requests to incorporate numbers in some of my packs.  I haven't done this in the past, (frankly because I work on literacy skills and the activities I share with you are those I create to use with my own students) but since it was easy enough to incorporate some basic numbers in this pack, I did!

Also, I revised my Buzzing Through Letters and Sounds a bit by adding to additional pages to the file.  I condensed the pages to list the two upper case versions together (twice) on one page (for a total of four on the page) and the same thing for the lower case versions.  I thought it would help save paper and space in student folders when documenting student progress.

Finally, just wanted to remind you about the giveaway I have going on until for the Easi-Speak Digital Microphone!!
You guys are so clever!  I love reading about all of the different ways you would use it with your little ones!!