ABC Mouse

I was excited to be offered the opportunity to explore an educational website called ABCmouse with Paige and be able to share my experience with you! 
ABCmouse was developed by a team of educators especially for children ages 2 through 6.  It is a comprehensive site loaded with learning activities to address reading, math, science, social studies, art, and even music!

You begin by selecting a teacher avatar for your child along with creating an avatar to look just like your child.  
Paige had a lot of fun with this! 

You then go on to choose the Learning Path for your child.  There are six different curriculum levels.  Preschool (levels 1 and 2), Pre-K (levels 3 and 4), and Kindergarten (levels 5 and 6). Each Learning Path provides a series of lessons where the child is guided from one lesson to the next.  They are set in different environments, pine tree forest, mountains, beach, etc... with activities to correspond with each environment.  The activities include books, art, puzzles, games, songs, and even printables.
As a parent or teacher, you can also build lessons with specific activities to customize the child's learning through Guided learning.

Paige can also choose the activities she wants to do on the website through Independent learning.  Outside of learning path she can do visit the farm, zoo, classroom, library, etc...  Even if she decides to go off of the Learning Path, each activity on the site has one or more learning objectives.  

Here are some of my favorite points about ABCmouse:
~  It is very easy to use for both adults and children alike.  I especially liked the mouse/pointer tutorial for children who are not familiar with using a mouse.
~  You can set up the account for up to 3 children with a parent account.  
~  You can track the progress of each child individually and create individualized lessons.
~  Creating the avatar that looked just like Paige along with an avatar for her teacher was lots of fun.
~  There is a ticket reward system!  After each activity is completed, the child earns a certain number of tickets.  They can then use these tickets to "shop" for decorations for their room and other things.
~  The child can save their favorite activities to revisit them in the future.
~  There is a Basics area that allows the child to practice their foundational reading and math skills.
~  The activities are fun and engaging.
~  The site is child safe.  There are no ads or links to external sites, providing a safe learning environment!
~  It is okay for the child to explore the site independently, not always sticking to the learning path because each activity on the site has one or more learning objectives.  

When I asked Paige what her favorite thing is about ABCmouse, she said:
"I like to go shopping (with the tickets she has earned) for furniture for my room, fish for my aquarium, and just shopping."
(I think she takes after Mommy here!)

I also learned that for a limited time you can set up a FREE classroom account for up to 40 students if you teach in a public or private school!
Click on the picture below to learn more!

Thank you ABCmouse for this opportunity!