Plinko Anyone?

Have you ever heard of the game Plinko?
(I immediately think of The Price is Right, what about you?)

Well, have you ever thought of combining Plinko and Phonemic Awareness?  I sure hadn't but Lakeshore has!  They created an engaging game to help your little literacy learners develop their ability to isolate initial and final phonemes along with producing rhyming words!  

Their Phonemic Awareness Plinko game is a cute game that sits right on top of a table.  It includes 90 illustrated wooden chips with pictures of single-syllable words.  The players take turns dropping a chip and watching it drop down, bounce off the pegs, and then land into one of three categories:

Say the beginning sound
Say a rhyming word
Say the ending sound

Paige loved playing this game.  In fact, the first thing she wanted to do this morning was play the game!  She loved watching the chip fall down into one of the three slots.  In addition to the saying the beginning or ending sound she also named the letter that produced the sound.
I am always looking for fun ways to engage the children as they practice strengthening their foundational skills and was thrilled to be able to give you my honest review this product.  I would definitely recommend it and look forward to using it with my students!