Fry Sight Word and Letter Tickets-FREEBIE

Back in June I posted about a fabulous blog 
authored by Laura Starnes called, 
Since she was creating a movie/Hollywood theme in her classroom she created Admit One tickets by writing letters and sight words on them.  How genius is that?

Because my district follows the Fry Instant Sight Words I created my own tickets just like hers listing the 1st 100 Fry Words.  I also created tickets listing upper and lower case letters of the alphabet separately.  As the year progresses and someday when I am not still sick (although I am beginning to think that day will never come) I hope to add the next 200 Fry Words.  Would anyone else find them useful?

Both myself and the incredible reading teacher next door to me  thank Laura for this idea because we have been using these tickets as we bring our small groups to our rooms.  

My creative colleague came up with a clever way for the students to select their tickets each day of the week:
Monday, Mondays (one ticket)
Two for Tuesday
Wacky Wednesday (they take as many as they want.)
Three for Thursday
Four for Friday
(Aren't I lucky to work with such a creative woman?)

If you would like to download the tickets listing both the upper and lower case letters together, you can go to Kinder Kraziness. You can also access her sight word tickets through this same click.  Her sight word tickets are great because they also list the color words.

If you would like to download the tickets I created with the upper and lower case letters listed separately on each ticket, click on the picture below:

If you would like to download the tickets I created with the 1st 100 Fry words, click on the picture below:

BTW...just in case you are wondering, I contacted Laura to make sure she was okay with me creating and sharing materials so similar to hers and she was all for it!  In the spirit of what I think blogging is all about (to share ideas and materials with teachers around the world), she replied with, "I'm sure others might be looking for additional words as well!"  So if you are interested in downloading and using any of these tickets, show us both some love by leaving a comment here and also popping over to her blog to thank her for sharing such a creative way to practice these necessary early literacy skills!