ABC Jump Up-Letter and Sound Identification

Here is a fun little game for your students to practice identifying their letters, but will also get them up and moving called ABC Jump Up

I included three sets of cards:  
upper & lower case letters together
just upper case
just lower case.
I also included a set of stick figures.  
(Now please don't laugh at the stick figures....I couldn't find any clip art I liked, so I drew my own. LOL!)

Here is how you play:  depending on the level of your students, place the cards of your choice face down. Include as many stick figures as you see fit. One at a time have students select a card. If they choose a letter, have them name the letter, produce the sound, and/or a word that begins with the letter. If they choose a stick figure, that player has to return all of their cards to the pile and everyone has to stand and jump up!
Kids LOVE this game!

(What do you think?  Do I have a future in designing clip art?  LOL!!!)

Also, in case you missed it, Kristen over at Ladybug's Teacher Files also created her own clip art.  Click on her blog title to see the adorable trees she created and is sharing with everyone for  FREE!!  I have actually already used one of her trees on the cover page of my Christmas Letter Identification pack!

Thanks so much!!