More Short Books-Sight Word Instruction

Back in September I posted about a resource that I use for sight word instruction called Short Books.  They are short little books aimed to help increase the automaticity in reading the most frequent words in English. The books do not use a predictable pattern that can be memorized, instead the text and pattern varies from page to page to help children pay close attention to the text on the page.

I love these books and use them with my kindergarten, first, and even second grade students who are strengthening their sight word vocabularies.

Well since that post, they have published a new series of Blue Books (Next Word Series).

I want you to see the text, so here is a set of pages from a Blue Book called, "will" which is a book about a little boy asking a friend to come play at his house and they discuss what they will do.  

If you would like to see all of the titles and levels (according to Fountas-Pinnell and Reading Recovery) for each series you can do so by going here.

You can also order directly from their website by going here.

I love them and highly recommend them!!

Thank you!