Are you a Stylish Teaching Mommy?

Do you know Allison from 
Climbing the Monkey Bars!
If you don't, I recommend you definitely hop on over to her blog!  She is a wonderful kindergarten teacher who shares great resources, activities, and lessons used right in her classroom.  Although we have never met in person, Allison is actually a teacher in a neighboring district.  
(Hopefully we will be able to meet up soon Allison!)

Well, she has started another blog that I am sure will be amazing, called
The Stylish Mommy
 Her tagline states, "Where Style and Fashion Meet Bake Sales and Play Dates."  She plans to feature fashion finds, easy recipes, and other fun things!  
Sounds great to me!  I love to hear about fashion finds and easy to make recipes to fit into a teacher's budget and schedule!!

Head on over to check her out.  I think she plans to do a giveaway soon!!