Color a Lucky Clover FREEBIE

Top Of the Morning to You!Are you wearing green today?  
I am happy that I remembered!!  
(Usually I don't remember until I leave the house!  LOL!)

Just wanted to quickly share something simple that I whipped up to use with my little ones today.  I have used this type of activity for a way to review and as a means to informally assess. 
Here is how I will be using it:
~  I will be printing out the document and cutting it into four strips.  
~  Each student will get their own strip.  
~  As I review various phonological skills with each student, they will color in a Lucky Clover for each correct response.  

It is a fun way for me to informally assess where they are with the skill they are working to strengthen.  You could use this in so many ways, with any type of skill!  It could be used for literacy skills or even mathematics skills!

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Enjoy your day!!

Now how many of you will be cooking corned beef and cabbage?  Will you do it in the crock pot???