A Snow Day and Donors Choose

Today was our first snow day of the year!  (Strange having our first snow day fall in March.)  I was excited, thinking that it would give me some time to create something fantastic to share with you guys.  Unfortunately, I found it hard to get off the couch today.  I just couldn't get my body to get up, which is very unlike me (usually I can't sit still for very long)!  So I think I am definitely fighting something off (yet again), and was happy to have the opportunity to stay home on the couch.

I did get outside with my honey to play in the snow.  We built a snowman, a snow fort, and did some sledding!  Here she is, a little wet but VERY happy nonetheless!

I thought I would share something that I started a few weeks ago.  My first Donors Choose project for some 
 hands-on phonological awareness materials and CVC game boards!  I did have a widget on the side, but it didn't look right so I took it down, but you can view it by clicking on the picture below.
I am hoping it will be successful and would love to start a project to acquire an iPad for my small groups!  
Wish me luck!!